LM Workshop - L1- Firing pin

LM Workshop - Lesson 1

Replacing Firing pin elastomer with spring.

by Wilhelm Lehmann

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One of the easiest upgrades / fixes you can do to your LM is to replace the firing pin elastomer with a spring. Reason being, the elastomer decays over time, as well as accelerated decay with solvents like what you use to clean and lube your Firearm. This can cause jams, as well as misfires, and decrease the overall reliability of your LM

Step 1:

Remove bolt, and get spring ready. 

 Step 2:

Use a Pin Punch and remove the firing pin retaining pin.


Step 3:

Put retaining pin aside for reassembly.


Step 4:

Remove firing pin, with Elastomer and Ring. It may be needed to manually remove the ring / elastomer if it was to sticky to come out with the firing pin. Use a toothpick of soft wood skewer to prevent damage to firing pin chamber.


Step 5:

Remove elastomer and retaining ring from firing pin and replace with new firing pin spring. 

Step 6:

Ensure firing pin alignment is correct before inserting in bolt, as misalignment will prevent retaining pin from fitting.

Step 7:

Insert firing pin, with cut out in the left as indicated.


Step 8:

Press firing pin in all the way. Hold in place so the cut out remains aligned with retaining pin hole. 

Step 9:

Use a 4 - 6 mm pin punch to put pressure on the firing pin (compress the spring) so the retaining pin can be reinserted. 

Step 10:

Reinsert retaining pin. Then test movement of firing pin by compressing the spring and releasing using the same 4 - 6 mm pin punch. 

Reassemble your LM